Life Cover

On a persons's death, Life Cover will pay out to selected
beneficiaries for income and can also be used
to settle bonds or other debts

Life Cover is taken out in order to pay out a lump sum on the death of the bread winner or provider of the household.

This lump sum can be used by the family to settle any debt, provide an income for them and to cover any possible estate duty that could arise.

There are additional benefits that can be added onto a life policy such as disability and disease cover which are the most common. There are a lot of excellent benefits available on the market that can be added to a life policy such as children’s education protectors, and medical aid protectors to name a few.

Available Structures

1. Accelerating Benefits

Life cover reduces on Claims
A claim from the disease or disability benefit will reduce the life cover by the size of the claim. All benefits are linked in one pillar.

2. Stand Alone Benefits

Benefits Are Individual, A claim from either the disability or disease benefits would not affect the life cover resulting in the life cover remaining intact. All benefits are individual pillars.

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