Disease Cover

On diagnosis of a Dread Disease, such as Heart Attack, Cancer or Stroke Cover this benefit will pay out to you. This assist with settling additional costs associated with medical expenses

Disease cover ensures that a person will receive an income and be able to settle any unpaid doctor’s bills, settle debt etc. when they are diagnosed with a dreaded disease.

What is the benefit of having dread disease cover?

Dealing with a dread disease can be emotionally and financially draining. Being diagnosed with a disease can become financially crippling.  Dread disease cover pays a lump sum cash benefit on diagnosis of a disease. The lump sum can be used to replace a person’s lost income in this stage. It can also be used to pay for assistance while there is a need for additional care or for further expenses that might occur.

Conditions Covered

A dread disease benefit covers illnesses affecting all major physiological and anatomical systems of the body. Example of conditions and systems covered — Heart and artery, cancer, nervous system, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal, urogenital tract, connective tissue diseases, advanced HIV/Aids benefit, eye, ear nose and throat , endocrine and metabolic diseases, musculoskeletal conditions.