Disability Cover

In the event of a person becoming disabled and unable to continue
working, their Disability cover will pay out an income to them
and be used to settle bonds and other debts.

Disability cover ensures that a person receives an income, when they are unable to work, when they have been temporarily or permanently disabled due to illness or accident.

Types of Disability Cover

Capital Disability

Pays a tax free lump sum on permanent disability. The lump sum can be used to settle debt or provide an income. Types of Capital Disability

Occupational Disability

In order to claim a person must be unable to perform the normal duties of his occupation

Functional Impairment

If a person suffers a functional impairment  due to an illness or accident but is still able to perform the duties of their occupation the benefit will pay out

Comprehensive Disability

It combines the occupational disability and functional impairment benefit together making it the most comprehensive type of disability available.



Income Protection

The benefit provides you with monthly payments on disability. It pays you a regular income if you experience a loss of income on becoming partially or fully unable to follow your nominated occupation.

It pays you an income either until you have recovered from the temporary disability/illness or until it reaches the selected expiry age.

You have the option of selecting various waiting periods on your plan: 7 days ,1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months. The monthly premium for this benefit is tax deductible.